The Run Project?

Posted on June 9, 2012


It all started with a profound and abstract statement–We believe running can save the world. What followed that statement was a discussion for a book called Why Running Can Save The World, a book we are now writing. Before we could fully dive into writing this book, however, we felt like we had to answer one simple question: Why do you/does anyone run? The moment this question was posed a company was born. That company is our company and it’s called The Run Project.

The Run Project is driven by a simple mission: to use the vehicle of running to save the world. The purpose of our company is to connect runners to various causes throughout the world who are using running to solve various problems afflicting the global society. We envision our website as a place where runners and causes can connect with each other through short videos of their own personal stories about how running is positively affecting their lives. We hope The Run Project will become a place where runners without a cause can find a cause to run for and runners with a cause can tell others why they run for a specific cause and why others should run for them too.

We believe it’s these personal running stories more than the generic print ads or commercials that’ll appeal to a public with an innate desire to be philanthropic, but hesitant to be this way because of a lack of personal connection to any cause. By having those who volunteer sharing their running stories we believe others will be able to see themselves capable of making a difference like the individuals in the thousands of videos we plan on hosting on our site.

With our website and our message of use what you do every day to make the world a better place, we’ve created a unique platform for current and potential volunteers to directly connect with both non-profit and socially-good, for-profit companies who are using the sport of running to help the world become as beautiful as it can be.

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