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Posted on June 28, 2012


How Many Runners Would It Take To Cure Cancer?

At The Run Project, we are working on a lot of really great ways to tell the story of running. The company may have been born from a conversation that revolved around asking runners around the world the simple question “Why Do You Run?” but it has evolved over the past ten months to include provocative questions like:

1. How has running saved your life?
2. Do you believe running can save the world?
3. How many runners would it take to cure cancer?
4. How many runners would it take to end war and bring world peace?

As well as less provocative questions like:

5. Where do you run?
6. Who is your favorite runner?
7. What is your favorite race?
8. What is your biggest running dream?
9. What do you think about when you run?
10. What do you talk about with other runners during a run?

We are asking runners throughout the world to answer these questions and more because their answers are what help tell the true story of running. We believe there are many fascinating and inspiring untold stories that are worth discovering and sharing. And part of our company’s mission is to bring those stories to the light.

Just like a fingerprint, no story is going to be exactly the same as another. Even if two runners or even hundreds runners share the same reason for Why They Run how they came to that reason or reasons, and what inspired that reason or reasons will be unique to each individual.

We are excited to find out what it’s like to be a runner in Japan, Africa, Australia, Sweden, Canada, America, the Caribbean, etc. The more stories (told via short videos) we receive the stronger the shoe strings that bind the global running community will become. I don’t a lot of runners from every part of the world, but I would like to get to know them. Finding out why the run and what it’s like to run in their part of the world is the first step establishing this connection. The second step, once this connection is created, is to see if we can take our commonality and embrace a similar reason to keep running–that reason being to make the world we live in a better place to live by using our running to save it.

The Run Project was created to bring runners together by sharing the stories of running’s role in their life via At the same time, while on the site we share similar stories of how running is playing a big role in charitable organizations throughout the world. By bringing the stories of individuals and larger organizations together in one place we hope to create a bond between charities and the runners whose support they desperately need.

We hope this bond will grow into a unified effort that will bode consistent and confident support to continue to utilize running in a way that positively effects the lives of the individual running as well as the lives of those they may not know but can help nonetheless, simply by choosing a charity to run for. 

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