Spikes 4 Tykes

Posted on September 12, 2012


In April of this year (2012) an article was written in the UNC college newspaper called The Daily Tar Heel on freshman track & field middle distance runner O’Neal Wanliss and his charity called Spikes 4 Tykes. His organization sends track shoes to youth runners in Jamaica–a country well-known for its’ successful history in Track & Field as a nation of world record sprinters and Olympic champions.

According to this article, Wanliss’ charity began as a senior project during his senior year at Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School in Atlanta, Georgia. And over the past two years his senior project has blossomed into a successful charity that continues to grow.

In my opinion, what started for O’Neal as a high school senior project could possibly turn out to be an act that contributes to the success of a future world record sprinter like 2012 Men’s 100 meter Olympic  Champion, Usain Bolt. Similar in nature to the message of the following quotation by rapper Tupac Shakur“I’m not saying I’m gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world” I believe O’Neal’s charity may influence the direction of a youngster in Jamaica towards becoming a future Olympic champion.

O’Neal’s actions to collect a few used spikes and send them to youth runners in Jamaica could change the world because it could change the life of a person who could inspire millions of people, just like Usain Bolt. Even though O’Neal is just one person, his actions could have a ripple effect of positive change felt around the world someday. His actions should inspire us all to believe every action we take not only matters, but bares consequences well beyond what we can see.

To read the full article on Wanliss and Spikes 4 Tykes, please click here: Freshman mid-distance runner O’Neal Wanliss starts non-profit, Spikes 4 Tykes by Robbie Harms of The Daily Tar Heel.

To find out how you can donate your old spikes, please use the following contact information: CalCam PR ( 404) 946-3156, CalCamPR@gmail.com. You can also follow O’Neal Wanliss’ charity on Twitter: @SPIKES4TYKES.

Who knows your old spikes could be worn by a future Olympic champion!